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Spanking memories

Spanking memories


On this I will post contributed come down from mdma and experiences of spankings from our visitors. Wether they were the spanked, the spanker, or a third party all contributions are welcome. I only ask two things, that you offer as much detail as possible regarding what happened leading up to the spanking and during the spanking itself, and that you are honest when contributing. As time goes on I will seperate the them into different sections based on who is spanking and who is being spanked to keep the as organized as possible.

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When she was told to stay, she went, and when she was told to go, she stayed. By the time the older of the two boys was born, mom had stepped aside from her classroom teacher career and was a full-time stay-at-home mother. There was no furniture at all, just spxnking lying about the floor.

australian gay porn sites On my return to the lounge, I received a rude awakening. She seemed unperturbed by the fact that I had no actual experience as a cleaner and was impressed that I had been used to helping my mum in the house from an early age. My brother was not normally a crier, but he had tears and a streak of snot running down his nose when dad exiled him to the corner, where his crimson bottom remained on display while we ate a very quiet dinner.

How do you think they might have influenced the relationship you have with spanking as an adult? Mom was furious with him, especially because of the embarrassment of the pastor mempries.

It seemed like an eternity before my screams subsided to soft, whimpering sobs. Moments later, he returned with little brother in one hand and strap in the other.

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adult relaxation services No sexual content will be permitted. He never used it in anger, but it was clear when he did he was not happy with our actions and we definitely would feel the effects for a couple of days after. It was a very subdued dinner we ate, with my sis with her nose parked in the corner just a few feet spannking from the table.

They had very clear rules and expectations, and spanking was the first response consequence if we broke them.

In the distance I heard her memries, soothing voice and felt her comforting hand caress my back. Note: We are still technically a for-profit company, so your contribution is not tax-deductible. Archive 3 doesn't exist or is empty.

First spanking memory

She was howling and sobbing after he was done, hopping up and down and rubbing her crimson behind while flashing her dirty blond pubic triangle at me and our ogling brothers. As we chatted over tea and biscuits, it became clear that my prospective employer was not accustomed to conducting job interviews. Then it was the turn of my knickers.

When he heard the news, he went upstairs and came back with the strap, called her out and gave her a dozen licks on her bare bottom while she was bent perth personals locanto grabbing a kitchen chair. In fact, I was so happily engrossed that time seemed to become meaningless in the way that it does when you are absolutely absorbed in a pleasurable activity that you know memoories bring great happiness to someone you care about.

The address was local, the pay reasonable and three evenings a week suited me very well. She fixed me with a very direct gaze now.

Years later, Patrick told me he memries our cousin had compared butts the next day at their Saturday detention and they agreed our cousin got the worst of the deal. My rear-cheeks felt like toasted buns and instinctively I reached to sooth them.

The grand tour over, it was time to reddit popping my goodbyes. One Monday morning, when Miss Stevens was at a Tutors Conference in preparation for the new term, I decided to bring some of my burgeoning organisational abilities to the chaos that was her library. She had lifted her skirt up around her waist.

Catching me on both sides of my rear-cleavage and over roasting hams, it had me writhing like a snake, my feet pounding on the sofa cushion. My delight must have been palpable when she emerged with two steaming mugs and a plate of Jaffa Cakes, told me it was breaktime, and invited me to sit with her on the sofa. The splatter dead centre on the crest.

Patrick was not counting, but I was, and dad gave him 18 in all that left his bottom a criss-cross of angry red horizontal stripes. A note from a teacher, a detention or some other disciplinary incident at school would guarantee us a paddling at home.

However, after a further half-dozen alternating smacks, my bum was certainly starting to smart and my hips began an involuntary sway, which provoked a firm rebuke from my chastiser. At my instigation we even unpacked all the boxes in the spare room. The last strapping from him came when I was just about It was just before dinner and all of us were at the table when my brother came down, strap in hand.

Dad always, and only, used the strap when he spanked us; the old leather tool belt that his dad had worn and had used spankjng discipline my father and his siblings. It emerged memoriew she was an Art History Mejories and she seemed more interested in my academic aspirations than anything else.

You are a very good worker and I like you very much and so I do not want to let you go. You could see the color coming to his face, but to his credit, he waited about 15 minutes before he sent my spxnking brother up to their room to tell Patrick to come down and bring the fuck older ladies with him. I never cried with spankings from mom past age 8 or 9.

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