Mental Health – One in Five College Students Suffer From Depression

It is hard to believe that one in five college students are suffering from depression, but this is the reality for many. According to the National Survey on Student Health, a third of students with depression drop out of college within a year. While this is not a large number, it’s a concerning statistic. But it is a staggering one, considering the pressure on high school students to succeed and excel in the workforce. Thankfully, there are resources and organizations available to help college students cope with their struggles.

The number of students who suffer from mental disorders is rising as our society grapples with the consequences of the rising rates of depression. In a recent study, published in the Journal of American College Health, researchers found that nearly half of all students had some sort of mental disorder. In fact, the percentage of students who were depressed increased from six percent to eight percent in just two years. While the statistics are troubling, the research shows that college campuses must do more to address this problem. Despite the many benefits of counseling, the problem remains unrecognized.

Among students who have sought help for a mental health issue, seventy-five percent say they would use telemental health services at their school. More than half of respondents to the survey said that telemental health services are an important part of their campus. In fact, 71% of students said they would use tele-mental health services at their college. The researchers concluded that these types of services are crucial for college campuses.

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