2019 Opel Monza Concept and Improvements

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2019 Opel Monza will be SUV flagship of Opel. Monza shows what to expect from the German mark in the future. A source claims the change of ownership, which was completed on August 1, has seen one future model that faces an uncertain future is a new SUV based on the Insignia. Opel combines innovative technology and further development of the design philosophy of “sculptural artistry meets German precision”. The crossover, reportedly referred to as the Monza would share its underpinnings with the Insignia liftback and wagon, and be pitched as a rival to the likes of the Ford Edge.

2019 Opel Monza Review


2019 Opel Monza Exterior and Interior Design

The new Opel Monza will probably be frontal style is will be the main design feature. External style reflects the waves lapping on the shore. It’s long, low and wide just as a sports coupe should be. The hood has a very clear and splendid description. An exciting feature is a positioning headlamp that offers the auto personal self confidence. A distinctive feature of the car, a huge door in the form of a bird’s wings, together with the absence of the central pillar. The concept features a shooting brake-style silhouette with large, one-piece doors allowing access to both front and rear. While a long, unbroken metallic strip sweeps above the side windows and ends with a curl in the car’s tail lights.

2019 Opel Monza Features

Inside of the car, the new multi-function show implemented, most likely be integrated to help make the design provided with the completely new entertainment system. Drivers and passengers can connect with friends and family using various media in the car, while car-to-car communication paves the way for autonomous vehicles. 18 LED projectors display information on a sweeping dashboard element, which the driver can customize to their requirements. The most notable changes will be an new standard safety features.

2019 Opel Monza Interior


2019 Opel Monza Release Date and Price

The release date and price of the new 2019 Opel Monza is not discovered. However, predict the Opel Monza Concept debuts at the Auto Show on September 2018. The price is not available until the car finishes the production part.

2019 Opel Monza Rear Side Concept


2019 Opel Monza Engine Specs and Performance

The power unit 2019 Opel Monza is also not easy. If it comes to fruition, then there’s a possibility the new Opel Monza will utilize a turbocharged three cylinder engine. But the three cylinder engine itself could well be the basis of the next car’s range-extended drivetrain. Rumors from several sources say, there are some announcements that a possible selection might be the 1.4 liter four cylinder could make way for a smaller engine in the model’s next revision. Specifically this powertrains which is capable of giving it time to improve performance and achieve the given 2019 Opel Monza spec degrees.

2019 Opel Monza Redesign

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