2018 Ford Taurus Features and Specs

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The 2018 Ford Taurus is a plan for seventh generation Ford Taurus as model year 2018. As the car of the future will come up with a design and outstanding performance. This car is going to have a very strong performance as rumors. The current model has received criticism because of the immense weight, so, people expect a large decline in terms of weight. 2011 Ford Taurus will appear as an entirely new vehicle, with improved performance, comfort and style.

New Ford Taurus is a special car which comes with newest Ford’s design. This vehicle is stylish, comfortable and elegant. It is the best choice for those who seek for luxury and comfort. It is certain that new model of Ford Taurus is coming with new platform (same one had 2016 Ford Fusion) with big usage of aluminum. Body of new Taurus will be larger than the body of 2016 Ford Fusion. The platform will be widened and stretched. New 2018 Ford Taurus will be lighter, faster and better overall, than any previous sedans with this name. Major changes will bring also better fuel economy, and more modern look. New Taurus will be longer, and probably wider, since it will certainly use platform that has already been seen on Fusion. Front-wheel drive, possible new transmission system with engine modifications are expected.

2018 Ford Taurus Release Date


2018 Ford Taurus Exterior and Interior Design

When we are talking about exterior design, Ford Taurus 2018 will have hexagonal grille with horizontal fins on its front like other Ford models. Bumpers will be bigger and stronger than before. New Ford will have rectangular lights. It will come with sportier look.

2018 Ford Taurus Concept

The interior design of 2018 Ford Taurus would be sufficient for five passengers on two seat rows. Furthermore, the seats ad upholstery would be made from the finest materials. Also the manufacturer would install a lot of modern technologies. Included in the bid specifications for the Taurus were premium sound system with 12 speakers, satellite He adds that not only is maintaining your oil and fluids important. Inside its cabin, it has a brand new large LCD screen, and that’s in addition to a well stitched leather-covered seats and dashboard. The steering wheel has paddle shifters, and plenty more upgrades are expected in the cabin, for example heated/cooled rear and front seats, 4G LTE mobile connectivity, dual-zone climate control, front seats that are multi-contour with lumbar massage support, tablet and Smartphone integration, wireless charging technology, push to start Cross, Traffic Alert, a rear view camera and a Sony audio system.

2018 Ford Taurus Interior


2018 Ford Taurus Release Date and Price

Based on production estimates, we expect to see the 2018 Taurus in showrooms in November 2017. Despite being an import, the price for the new model should not change much. The lower end trim will start at a price of $28,000 whereas the premium variant will start at around $44,000.

2018 Ford Taurus Rear Side


2018 Ford Taurus Powertrain and Performance

The limelight of Ford Taurus 2018 is its weight which has been reduced to a 9 speed automatic transmission, it shall be sold as part of the company’s effort towards improving fuel economy and overall performance. Furthermore, the restyled Taurus shall feature a high performance SHO for enhanced maneuverability. Including a 365 horsepower V6 EcoBoost engine that deliver maximum torque and power. Its wheelbase section has delicately been extended, this helps in distributing weight evenly and improving ground-clearance especially when the car is moving at high speed. The 3.5 liter engine 2018 Ford Taurus provides enough power for the vehicle to be driven through all types of terrain, whether one is driving through the city or upcountry.

2018 Ford Taurus Engine Specs

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