2018 Subaru Legacy Predictions and Coming Out

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Subaru’s engineers have invested a lot of effort to make one of the most beautiful and most handsome sedans of nowadays, and it is great 2018 Subaru Legacy. The Legacy is remarkable in its class, because of its standard all-wheel drive and an open inside. For 2018, nothing is flashy or raucous about the Legacy, though it is a nice-looking car. While some automakers place an emphasis on fancy interiors and swoopy styling, Subaru puts its money into engineering. All Legacy models come with all-wheel drive. More safety features have been added but the Legacy carries over largely unchanged. A new auto on/off mode operates the windshield wipers with the headlights on 2018 Subaru Legacy models. The electric power-assist steering has been retuned for all 2018 Legacy models to provide a more linear and natural feel.

2018 Subaru Legacy Concept


2018 Subaru Legacy Exterior and Interior Design

In design, the 2018 Subaru Legacy seems to manage conventionally appealing in a way that models like the Volkswagen Passat, Chrysler 200, and even Chevrolet Malibu have (at least in recent model years) been struggling with. It’s nicely proportioned—perhaps a bit more blunt-nosed than it needs to be, but nice nevertheless—and has some nice detailing all around, with a more rakish, aerodynamic look that moves the mirrors behind the front pillars. Just as the exterior follows a handsome, functional median, the interior goes to a clean, space-efficient design that’s dressed up with nicer materials and trims than before.

One thing we like about the Legacy is its excellent outward visibility — no small feat in an age of high door lines and bulky pillars that result from modern safety standards. Firm, supportive seats and a slightly higher driving position make the Legacy Subaru’s most comfortable sedan yet.

2018 Subaru Legacy Redesign

Subaru’s no-nonsense approach to car design is reflected in the simple and straightforward interior design of the 2018 Subaru Legacy. Materials quality has improved compared to earlier versions of the Legacy, with more cushioning at common touch points like the armrests and center console. The optional touchscreen navigation system has crisp graphics and is pretty easy to use thanks to smartphone-like operation and large icons.

2018 Subaru Legacy Interior


2018 Subaru Legacy Release Date and Price

The Subaru Legacy got a facelift for at the Chicago Auto Show earlier this year. You can get your hands all this mid-cycle goodness when the 2018 Subaru legacy goes on sale early next year. As for pricing no information is available right now though. But I predict that price the entry-level model starts at $23,055.

2018 Subaru Legacy Rear Side


2018 Subaru Legacy Engine Specs and Performance

You won’t find Subaru’s turbocharged four cylinder engines here, instead there are four cylinder (2.5i) models and six cylinder (3.6R) models, with the former powered by a 175 horsepower, 2.5 liter flat four that needs to be worked hard when more than just a driver is aboard. Yet good sound insulation means that it won’t serve as a constant reminder of your frugality. Legacy 3.6R sedans come with a 256 hp 3.6 liter flat six engine, which isn’t as strong or responsive as we’d like. This is a smooth, graceful sedan, with a well tuned ride and nicely weighted electric power steering. For 2018 Subaru Legacy has made some slight changes to the damping in top 3.6R Limited models.

2018 Subaru Legacy Engine Specs

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