2018 Ferrari California T Performance and Redesign

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2018 Ferrari California T is Ferrari’s return to forced induction, but where the last turbo Ferrari was the beastly F40, the T is far tamer. It’s the softest in the Ferrari range, designed for daily ease and use it even has a cupholder. Although the California is neither the highest performance model nor the most beautiful from the brand, it’s been given a lot of love the past couple of years, most notably last year with improved styling and an all new powertrain.

2018 Ferrari California T Concept


2018 Ferrari California T Exterior and Interior Design

The California’s exterior design has been brought more in line with the rest of the current lineup, thanks to the refresh it received this past year. With it, the California feels as if it has yards of suspension travel over the bumps, yet restrains body roll and understeer when you are hunting apexes. The most obvious additions are of course seen in the front part of the car where the car has included some F12 elements. Here, again, everything is served in proportion to your demand, from steering angles to ride stiffness. One of the great joys in life is piloting this Ferrari up a slithering road, top folded, the cylinders wailing an operatic octet as the red LED lights on the steering rim flicker. At the back you will notice a new design of the exhaust system that features two exhaust pipes protruding at the back.

2018 Ferrari California T Release Date

The inside of the Ferrari California T is very beautiful. In fact the 2018 design is perhaps the most beautiful an interior of a Ferrari car can get. All the exposed parts of the vehicle are covered with very fine leather while the seats are made to provide the most amount of comfort that they can possibly provide. The part which allows more space is the slim design of a center console which features the key switches for the gearbox, auto, reverse and launch control as well as the emergency indicators. Standard features on the California T include navigation, USB connections, and even something you might not expect from a Ferrari sports car, cupholders. There’s some modern tech here, Apple CarPlay has arrived, and a new digital gauge system, called Turbo Performance Engineer is located between the two central air vents.

2018 Ferrari California T Interior


2018 Ferrari California T Release Date and Price

About the release date for the 2018 Ferrari California T we surely can’t say nothing, because it’s yet in the planning arranging phase. When it comes to the price, you know what the Ferrari is? So don’t be surprised with the price of $202,700 for this model, because it gives the best from this class. Main competitors are Mercedes-Benz SLS AMG, McLaren 650S, Mercedes-Benz SL-Class, Lamborghini Gallardo, McLaren 12C, Jaguar F-Type, Aston Martin Vantage and Audi R8.

2018 Ferrari California T Rear Side


2018 Ferrari California T Powertrain and Specification

The biggest upgrade for 2018 is the new powerplant found under the sculpted hood. mUnder the front bonnet a new 3.9 liter Ferrari bi-turbo V8 engine forms the heart of the new California T. Ferrari’s Variable Boost Management produces 560 horsepower and 557 pound feet of torque. The Variable Boost Management helps keep the torque curve flat throughout the rpm range while simultaneously conserving fuel. A clever bit of tech that provides more torque in higher and longer gears giving a sensation of continuous acceleration. The new setup also eliminated turbo lag nearly completely. CO2 emissions of 2018 Ferrari California T have also dropped by 20 percent.

2018 Ferrari California T Engine Specs

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