2018 Ford Fusion Review and Changes

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2018 Ford Fusion is expected to come to market. The previous model looks, and feels, not as big as we would expect. It seems that the 2018 Ford Fusion is going to be the redesign of one of Ford’s best selling cars in the World. This new model would use a new platform, engines and it would also be the car to give Ford a new corporate features. This doesn’t make it awfully competitive with models like the all new Malibu or the Mazda 6.

2018 Ford Fusion Release Date


2018 Ford Fusion Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior design recently developed, it will be very attractive and we can definitely see some small changes from the outside. The sleek looks of the Fusion should continue unchanged for the new model year. The 2018 Ford Fusion has an oval formed grille portion completed with horizontal slits of metal. The mentioned grille will be a bit wider than before, and will also have a well-known shape similar to the Aston Martin models. Headlights given by the producers are of standardized size as well as LED light are provided. Although the car has been popular with families, its roofline has caused relatively poor rear outward visibility. Fortunately, the Fusion makes up for this with trunk space and a quiet cabin.

2018 Ford Fusion Concept

As far as the interior is concerned, there are going to be several changes in terms of style. It will be very elegant and comfortable. All seats inside will be wrapped in the high-quality leather. The dashboard is well organized and it is very easy to manage with it. 2018 Ford Fusion will get a lot of new features available across several trim levels. It is an 8.0 inch touchscreen running the Sync 3 system, Ford’s most recent generation of sound, phone, navigating controls and many more.

2018 Ford Fusion Interior


2018 Ford Fusion Release Date and Price

Ford haven’t officially said when to expect the new Fusion, but we think it should arrive very late in 2017, perhaps even early 2018. Prices aren’t expected to change much from the current version, this should mean that the base model starts at around $25,000.

2018 Ford Fusion Rear


2018 Ford Fusion Powertrain and Specifications

The new Fusion is quite good in terms of powertrains. The base engine should become a 1.5 liter EcoBoost engine with 180 horsepower. Further up the range we may see the 2 liter turbocharged EcoBoost get 245 horsepower. The Fusion’s powertrain saw a huge upgrade with the addition of the new V6 Sport trim and its 325 horsepower 2.7 liter turbocharged engine. All Fusions come with a six speed automatic transmission and front wheel drive is standard, while the latter gets optional all wheel drive. For this model Ford is definitely going to target fuel efficiency, so all engines of 2018 Ford Fusion should be turbocharged.

2018 Ford Fusion Engine Specs

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