2020 BMW M6 GT3 Performance and Redesign

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2020 BMW M6 GT3 race car will remains as competitive as ever, having managed to win overall. By the time the first generation M6 made its debut in 1983, BMW had already been racing the 6 Series for three years. The company’s vehicle of choice for the race course was the 635 CSi, which spent more than a decade on the track between 1980 and 1992. BMW first announced the M6 GT3 racer late last year, and now we have a close look at some prototypes.

2019 BMW M6 GT3 Predictions


2020 BMW M6 GT3 Exterior and Interior Design

Exterior 2020 BMW M6 GT3 have the sleek body, which has been designed on the wind flow tunnel, is made of composite materials in order to help get body downwards. Up front, the headlamps and the kidney grille are the only stock features that remained untouched, with the bumper replaced by a more aggressive piece. The rear fascia benefits from similar changes including a new bumper. The 2020 BMW M6 GT3 has more affordable front part hood with 17 inch Black Spoke Alloy Wheels with activity car tires that would give more attractive grasp just as the race family car.

2019 BMW M6 GT3 Review

The inside of 2020 M6 GT3 shows you that it has Carbon Fiber content Focus Pile that provides new outward appearance on the cockpit. There is competition controls, sporty dash board pack that will provides you with the a sense of auto racing. Mandatory track equipment includes a race spec steering wheel, a bolstered driver’s seat and a full roll cage.

2019 BMW M6 GT3 Interior


2020 BMW M6 GT3 Release Date and Price

The cost in marketplaces has not identified, but the new cars will be worked on over the course of the coming year, and then they will be presented to museums in 2020. It’s also a good way to create even more hype around the upcoming, production version of the M6, which is already one of the most anticipated future releases.

2019 BMW M6 GT3 Rear Side


2020 BMW M6 GT3 Powertrain and Specs

Further details and a more specific timeline for the car’s race debut have been revealed. Under the hood, BMW claims an increase in power over the outgoing Z4 GT3 and says the bigger M6 also handles better than the car it will replace. This enhanced version of the M6 boasts 600 horsepower and 516 pound feet of torque from the current twin turbocharged 4.4 liter V8. The dry sumped unit is paired with a six speed sequential transmission mounted at the rear axle for better weight balance for 2020 BMW M6 GT3.

2019 BMW M6 GT3 Engine Specs

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