2019 Tesla Model S Concept and Review

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2019 Tesla Model S will be the latest for the most popular electric car. The revolutionary Model S is now five years old and on a continuous evolutionary journey. Tesla is not your average automaker in many ways, including how the company avoids the traditional model year designations and model year updates. A latest glimpse into the possible future of transportation. Tesla prefers rolling out over the air updates and adding and dropping powertrain variants throughout the vehicle’s lifecycle. Tesla Model S is continuing thanks to Tesla’s policy of introducing running changes to its products, rather than waiting until model-year changeovers.

2019 Tesla Model S Changes


2019 Tesla Model S Exterior and Interior Design

The new car has its own platform and styling, and also unlike the Roadster, the Model S is a practical family sedan. Sometimes a mid to full-size sedan can feel cumbersome to handle on more meandering roads. Sure the Tesla is fun to stunt in, but the Model S really never feels like too much car. Seeing it in person, we could not find a single awkward angle to this design. The front end was nice, but the addition of the black look-a-like grille didn’t really look right. The eyes of the 2019 Model S are beautiful, Almost seductive the way the LED signature lights up the front of the Model S. The list of modifications includes front and rear lip spoilers, new rocker panels, a rear diffuser, and Novitec’s own 21 inch wheels. Novitec claims the spoilers, diffuser, and rocker panels have actual aerodynamic benefits.

2018 Tesla Model S Concept

Interior, the Model S still uses among the most distinct designs in the market. The spacious cabin can comfortably seat five people while the trunk there are 2 more seats which deal with the other method. Since in this electric car the battery and motor are neatly tucked underneath the floor, under the hood you’ll just find more cargo space. The control panel is downplayed too with a huge 17 inch touch screen in the center console and an LCD screen rather of the typical instrument cluster. Tesla pushed a major overhaul and update of the Autopilot active-safety system in the car. The news update, the system gives drivers three chances to put their hands back on the wheel if it detects they’re not attending to the steering.

2019 Tesla Model S Interior


2019 Tesla Model S Price and Release Date

The release date for the 2019 Tesla Model S should be released later next year, and the car will be receiving some new updates along with the new model year badge. The larger Model S is going to receive more equipment and technology and it will get slightly more expensive. Our sources suggest that the car might start around $70,000 – $140,000, nearly $10,000 more than before.

2019 Tesla Model S Rear Side


2019 Tesla Model S Electric Powertrain and Specs

Time to go for a drive. Tesla will be offering the Model S with three different battery packs, and two motors. Just how quick will depend on the model you choose. Since the 2012 from the three battery packs models, Tesla has produced 15 variations of its Model S sedan sorted by EPA-rated range. In recent months, Tesla has dropped the base 60 kWh powertrain and the 90 kWh powertrain, replaced by the now base 75 kWh powertrain and the range-topping 100 kWh powertrain, respectively. Every car comes preloaded with the tech, but functionality including purported autonomous-driving capability is optional. If you want to go even faster, you can opt for the Model S Performance. Total output is 416 hp and 443 lb-ft of torque with a 0-60 mph run of just 4.4 seconds and a limited top speed of 130 mph. Vehicle range before the 2019 Tesla Model S needs recharging varies from 385 kilometres to 425 km is claimed.

2019 Tesla Model S Electrics Engine Specs

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