2018 Mini Paceman Changes and Redesign

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New 2018 Mini Paceman will be introduced for the first time in the automotive market, with a new design and look, this car will win the hearts of many lovers. The producers of Mini Paceman have refreshed their thoughts for the production of this 2018 model. This model will be one of the simplest and the most affordable car that you are going to find in the car market. 2018 Mini Paceman resembles a smaller two door model of the Countryman. Those who love cars produced by the Paceman will be anticipating the arrival of this upcoming model.

2018 Mini Paceman Release Date


2018 Mini Paceman Exterior and Interior Design

In addition to the changes in the dimensions and weight. 2018 Mini Paceman will have a refresh look, it will be more spacious, luxury and sporty, though it will come in the market with fewer doors than the previous version. It will have a redesigned look that will be most noticeable on the front. It will be added LED technology to the headlights which will have characteristic shape. This will make the right combination for good look. The grid will be spacious, black with a chrome frame. The shape of the grid will remain approximately the same as before. This is a reliable type of vehicle that enthusiasts and fans are awaiting.

2018 Mini Paceman Predictions

The cab of the vehicle sports a dark-colored interior. The interior of the vehicle closely resembles that of the previous model and wears some of the features the older model boasts. The in depth usage of high-quality materials inside the interior gives the specific Mini Paceman 2018 some sort of superior inside that could ensure the best comfort of one’s folks plus the car owner. The infotainment system installed is nothing to write about. It is not what one might expect for a vehicle of this class. The system offers a variety of features that is similar to those found in the previous model.

2018 Mini Paceman Interior


2018 Mini Paceman Release Date and Price

The model should arrive in 2018. According to information we have received the new 2018 Mini Paceman will be available on the market in March of 2018. When it comes to prices, we can expect to have manufacturer’s suggested retail price of around $25.000. It is expected that the biggest rivals of this model on market will be Fiat 500x, Mazda CX-4 and Ford Escape.

2018 Mini Paceman Rear Side


2018 Mini Paceman Engine Specs and Performance

2018 Mini Paceman will be powered with a version of the Cooper S engine is best suited though its accuracy. 181 horses offered with four-cylinder 1.6-liter turbocharged strong with these cars. Moreover, it will also have a double turbocharger, with a maximum of 3 cylinders, with some other engine options as well. A specific engine might be a 2.0 liter one, with 4 cylinders. This car most probably will have a much better acceleration price, that will be able to reach 60 miles per hour in about 7.8 seconds. You will find the same driving dynamics and agility of even the original Mini. 2018 Mini Paceman will offer a comfortable ride for all its passengers.

2018 Mini Paceman Engine Specs

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