2019 Honda Element Changes and Redesign

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The 2019 Honda Element is one of the latest crossover SUVs that have been manufactured and designed by the Japanese automaker company, Honda. The relatively smaller size of this new SUV makes it unique. Sometimes, a small size in structure does not mean less amount of awesomeness. If you are wishing for some bit of such, then be assured, Japanese automobile giants, Honda, is prepared to grant your wishes with one such car. 2019 Honda Element will be one of the best examples of the saying that big things come in small packages. 2019 Honda Element the vehicle’s new look and great designed is indeed convenient for urban masses.

2019 Honda Element Concept


2019 Honda Element Exterior and Interior Design

Cars of this size and of this class have to strive a lot in order to gain an equal status and share in the market. As a standard feature, the Element will host a rearview camera just as with all of the latest vehicle offerings of Honda. The bumpers have received an impressive redesign while the hood has been given a better look. The sport utility vehicle now sits atop 18 inch alloy wheels and has a more refined, yet rugged aesthetic. LED technology has been used in a major way, especially in the tail lights and headlamps.

2019 Honda Element Predictions

The interior package has remained essentially the same. 2019 Honda Element has been provided with a quite spacious cabin by the Japanese definition of space. The cabin also features a medium-sized luggage space. A LCD has been placed on the center console, and this will provide the driver with the details of the infotainment system and access to control various aspects of the model. The model has four seats that can accommodate about six grown up adults but the fact that this model is an SUV is what makes the model to appear small in shape. This is a fun, functional, reliable option for an individual or a family.

2019 Honda Element Interior


2019 Honda Element Release Date and Price

The new Element is estimated will be launched in around the first quarter of 2019. In the future, that price may have regular price regarding $20.000 and $30.000 to the higher rate with the greater clip levels.

2019 Honda Element Rear Side


2019 Honda Element Powertrain and Specification

The automotive experts have speculated that the 2019 Honda Element’s performance will include an V-TEC) engine of 2.4 L 4-cylinder which is made to generate a great output power of about 150 hp as well as a torque of about 160 lb-ft. It will allow the Element to accelerate up to 180 km/h. These aren’t bad figures for a vehicle of the compact SUV class. As far as transmission, supposedly, the engine will be matched with five-speed or six-speed automatic. With all of this fuel consumption 2019 Honda Element rated at 20 mpg for city driving and 25 mpg for highway.

2019 Honda Element Engine Specs

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