2017 Subaru Tribeca Release Date and Review

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2017 Subaru Tribeca is made for all the SUV lovers. Subaru Tribeca is one of those SUVs which have never gotten much attention from car enthusiasts. The Tribeca was first launched in 2006, but contrary to the automaker’s expectations. This report of the release of new Tribeca is interpreted to have a potential future in the market across the world. As years went by, this model continued to struggle with the slow sales until the automaker discontinued it in the year 2013. This move left Subaru with only one large model in its line-up of mid-size SUVs, which was the Subaru Legacy. This new model will represent the 2017 model, and it is rumored to be based on the all new platform known as Subaru Global Platform.

2017 Subaru Tribeca Concept


2017 Subaru Tribeca Exterior and Interior Design

The exterior of the new 2017 Subaru Tribeca is where most of the changes are expected to take place given the fact that it is the part that attracted most of the criticism. The design was often criticized for being too generic with hardly any distinguishing features. It will come with revamped LED technology on both its front headlights and rear taillights. The grille will also be changed to incorporate a more contemporary design. Additionally, the new 2017 Subaru Tribeca will be offered in a palette of colours which will give buyers a wide choice to meet their preferences. Therefore, the success of the 2017 Subaru Tribeca will certainly depend largely on the automaker’s ability to create a brand-new visual identity for its three-row SUV.

2017 Subaru Tribeca Change

As far as interior specs of this 2017 Subaru Tribeca are concerned, a comfortable cabin design has been introduced. New and modern entertainment features will be used, such as a large LCD screen, superior quality audio system with excellent sound speakers, Bluetooth connectivity, USB ports, and much more. As far as the safety is concerned, each seat will have its own safety air bag, and the car will also come with an advanced ABS and a high tech traction control system.

2017 Subaru Tribeca Interior


2017 Subaru Tribeca Release Date and Price

The release date is still not known officially, we might have to still wait a while in order to get a US release but for now the Asian and European markets are going to be lucky to have it. The price starts at $35,000 and can range up to $45,000.

2017 Subaru Tribeca Rear Side


2017 Subaru Tribeca Powertrain and Specification

There have been several rumors about the engine configuration of this model. However, at this point of the time nothing certain can be said. Within the hood from the 2017 Subaru Tribeca will be 3.6 liter H6 powertrain competent to generate 256 hewlett packard. This engine is going to be mated to 5 velocity vehicle gearbox and definately will deliver power to all wheels. Now, there have been a lot of circulating rumors regarding the involvement of a new engine for this 2017 model of Tribeca. Still, nothing can be said for certain. This new 2017 Tribeca model will come up on a brand new platform design. This will provide a very improved interface for this car. Now, let’s check out the various specs that are associated with 2017 Subaru Tribeca.

2017 Subaru Tribeca Engine Specs

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